• Balinese Religion and Temple



    Balinese religion, Hindu Dharma, blends animism, Buddhism, and Hinduism. Ancient beliefs in nature spirits are the basic for including other faiths. But the key is keeping the balance in the cosmos and within oneself. The main beliefs are the existence are single divine being, the individual soul, the effect of action on future rebirth, reincarnation of the soul, and eventual release from rebirth and union with the divine.

    A temple when walled on a place with an inner country are continuing shrines and pavilions for visiting deities. Outer areas have cooking areas and performance places. And ceremonies is a festive event with music and dance, offerings, ritual, and worship all happening together. It is as much a time for socializing and entertainment as it is religious occasion.


    Visitors wishing to see a temple festival should follow basic rules of etiquette to make their experience more enjoyable, for the Balinese appreciate those who show respect for their customs. Bathe first and dress in Balinese style or at least decently in clean clothes – no shorts, sleeved shirts, or skirts above the knees. A sash must worn around the waist. Entrance are forbidden for women who are in menstruating, recently gave birth, and had recent death of a close family member.

    Do not climb structures, even walls. To take photos if making close-up, ask the person’s permission or show your intent. Avoid using a flash. Do not stand in front of anyone praying or bringing offerings. Do not bring outside food and drink into the temple. Be on good behavior and avoid sudden action which may be disrupting. This is very important event, and visitors are welcomed only if they make themselves properly welcomed.