• Bali as a Tourism Destination


    Bali, one of over 13.000 islands in Indonesia, is famous for its scientific beauty, dynamic culture, and friendly people. Located just south of equator, tropical Bali has a hot, wet season (November-March), and a cool, dry one (May-September). Towering Volcanoes, some still active, contain large lake which provides water for irrigating thousand of terrace rice field, enabling up to 3 harvests per year.

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  • Balinese Religion and Temple



    Balinese religion, Hindu Dharma, blends animism, Buddhism, and Hinduism. Ancient beliefs in nature spirits are the basic for including other faiths. But the key is keeping the balance in the cosmos and within oneself. The main beliefs are the existence are single divine being, the individual soul, the effect of action on future rebirth, reincarnation of the soul, and eventual release from rebirth and union with the divine. Read more